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Details of Vidya Balan’s complaint against her imposter who was offering phony Bollywood offers for money

<p>It is common for celebrities to be impersonated on social media. But sometimes things get out of hand, and celebrities have to get help from the police and other legal authorities to deal with the problem. Vidya Balan, an actress, is the most recent victim. She has filed a complaint with the Khar police and is pursuing legal action against an unknown person who created fictitious accounts on WhatsApp, Instagram, and email in her name. The offender reportedly utilized these accounts to pose as a job opportunity seeker and demand money from persons in Bollywood.</p>
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<p>When a designer she had collaborated with received a WhatsApp message from an unidentified phone in January, the actress learned about the impersonation. Posing as Vidya Balan, the impostor indicated interest in collaborating and recommended further discussion if the designer was keen.</p>
<p>The actress was notified right away by the designer that a person posing as her had texted him. Balan was notified by other industry connections about such operations taking place on Instagram and via email, according to a Khar police officer cited by HT.</p>
<p>Based on the allegation, the police have taken action against the unidentified impersonator, citing pertinent provisions of the Information Technology Act. They are now doing further research.</p>
<p>Regarding her career, Vidya Balan will reprise her role as Manjulika in the popular series Bhool Bhulaiya. Kartik Aaryan verified the report last week by posting a montage of his performance from Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’s “Ami Je Tomar” dance and Vdiya Balan’s performance from the same movie. The much awaited third entry in the popular Bhool Bhulaiyaa series is scheduled to release shortly. Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, which starred Kiara Advani and Kartik Aaryan and included a standout performance by Tabu, was released in 2022 and brought in over 180 crores of rupees in India. Rajpal Yadav appeared in the movie as well.</p>