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Ben Stokes expressed disbelief upon seeing the Ranchi surface for India’s fourth Test

<p>Ben Stokes, the captain of England, expressed his shock upon seeing the Ranchi surface for the first time when they played India in the fourth Test, saying he had “never seen anything like that before.” To force a decisive fifth Test, England, down 1-2 in the five-match series against India, has to win the Ranchi Test.</p>
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<p>Stokes began by discussing how the Ranchi pitch gave off the false impression of having a lot of grass cover. Nevertheless, a closer look revealed a number of flaws that might provide problems for the bowling and batting teams.</p>
<p>“I have never previously seen something like it. I have no notion what might happen since I have no idea. It simply seemed different from what I am accustomed to seeing, particularly out in India, if you glanced down one side of opposing ends. When you stepped outside, it looked extremely different—quite crumbly and black, with many fractures in it—than it did inside the locker rooms, Stokes told BBC Sport.</p>
<p>The pitch’s abundance of rough areas outside the “right-hander’s off stump” has drawn attention from England vice captain Ollie Pope, who noted that these circumstances may be exploited by India’s best off-spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin, during the fourth Test.</p>
<p>“It kind of looks like one half is good and then there’s a lot of platey cracks at the other,” said Pope. “At the moment, it seems like there is rough outside the right-hander’s off-stump while batting from the far end. For instance, Pope was cited by Cricbuzz as stating, “Ashwin is going to bowl from that end from over-the-wicket because he might want to bowl it into the rough.”</p>
<p>The batter said, “And from this end, it’s outside the left-hander’s off-stump.” That’s the current way we perceive things. After the Indian team has examined the wicket, I believe we will wait and watch what transpires before making a judgment,” he said.</p>
<p>England lost the Rajkot Test by an overwhelming 434 runs, dropping them to a 1-2 deficit in the series. In his post-match analysis, Stokes said that England had moved over their crushing defeat to Rajkot.</p>
<p>It’s athletics. Praise is given when things go well rather than when they don’t. I’ve been around long enough to know that it’s a part of it, yet we continue. Losses such as the one from last week might affect the squad more severely than necessary. However, I feel good about the way I handled it. I am aware that what matters is the next game. Personally, I’m sure every player in the locker room has thought back on that particular game in some manner. However, in terms of the outcome, no,” Stokes said.</p>

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