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Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji Inaugurates The Eco Factory Foundation’s Shashwat Bharat Setu

Nagpur, Maharashtra, February 27, 2024: The Honourable and Respected Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji inaugurated India’s first Shashwat Bharat Setu – Winning Net Zero exhibit developed by The Eco Factory Foundation (TEFF), in Nagpur on Sunday. This Centre provides a cutting-edge experience dedicated to showcasing sustainable lifestyles, solutions and practices right from people to the planet that can lead to achieving Net Zero India. 


Anand Chordia, the founder of The Eco Factory Foundation, Pune, explained various concepts like the ‘waste to wealth, water management, energy conservation, and how to reduce your carbon footprint, importance of circular economy, achieving sustainability in rural, urban, industrial and individual sectors, and how to become Net Zero at large.


While addressing the gathering, Gadkari Ji congratulated and praised the unique initiative, stating, “Many congratulations to The Eco Factory Foundation for putting up such an exceptional exhibit. The Shashwat Bharat Setu has touched upon very crucial points that will revitalise our environment and in turn our planet. The Shashwat Bharat Setu exemplifies the concept of ‘waste to wealth,’ providing sustainable solutions that not only benefit the environment but also create livelihood opportunities for communities.” He further expressed his hope that the centre would inspire the nation to contribute to making India a Net Zero country.


Founder of TEFF, Anand Chordia, reflected on this historic moment, stating, “The development of Shashwat Bharat Setu – winning Net Zero Exhibit – was driven by our intention to create awareness and inspire everyone to adopt net zero and sustainable lifestyle with ease. I firmly believe that the Shashwat Bharat Setu is the true bridge that will guide India to achieve net zero. We hope that the centre reaches and inspires many to join us on this journey towards a sustainable future.”


About The Eco Factory Foundation (TEFF): 

The Eco Factory Foundation (TEFF), Pune is a Section 8 non-profit organisation founded by Anand Chordia in 2016. We aim to spread the essence of sustainable lifestyles and solutions. The four main verticals where we work to achieve sustainability are Rural, Urban, Industrial, and Individual.


About Shashwat Bharat Setu: 

Many are unaware or indifferent to the simple and replicable steps to rejuvenate our planet. Shashwat Bharat Setu which is made up of various informative exhibits and intriguing display material, is dedicated to showcasing sustainable lifestyles and practices that can lead to achieving net zero at various levels right from people to planet. As you explore this informative exhibit and display area, you will discover how individuals, organisations, and communities can take concrete steps towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future. The Centre aligns very well with national missions like Mission LiFE – Lifestyle for Environment and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and several United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It informs on how to make use of biodegradable waste, recycle plastic, and how you can make eco-friendly choices and reduce your carbon footprint.