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IPAF’s cultural extravaganza draws large crowds  and captivates the audience

February 24, 2024 The organization hosts the 4th Season of IPAF Bangalore on a Wednesday at the esteemed Auditorium Chowidah Memorial Hall in Bangalore. 

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Venu Lahari, Director of Lahari Music Company which has won two Grammy awards and one Oscar award in the presence of B.S. Nagaraj, District Governor Lions Club & Abhijit Shet.

The first act of the event was the women’s music performance, Manasi Prasad, conducted by the distinguished Mansi Prasad. Sisters in Harmony, an all-female music ensemble called SaMaRaSa stands for Sisters in Harmony. These women artists feel that music has the power to inspire and uplift people in addition to providing entertainment. Through performances and ideas that celebrate women, SaMaRaSa aims to bring fresh ideas to the way Carnatic music is presented and performed.     

2nd performance saw mesmerizing presentation by renowned International Kathak Exponent Dr. Khushboo Panchal doing a Kathak.  Eminent kathak performer Dr. Khushboo Panchal hails from Banaras and Kudau Singh Gharana. You have excelled in academics, topping your university, and thanks to your commitment and hard work, you have mastered all three genres of music. Your doctorate in “Shastriya Kathak” in Kathak is now complete. Ek Vishleshanatmak Adhyaayan ki Upyogita – Nritya me Thumri Gayan

Sneha Kappanna’s “Taye Beru” Karnataka’s Folk & Ritualistic Dancers – Bhramari Dance Repertoire Bhramari is a cutting-edge dance repertory that has garnered praise around the country for its themed and experimental performances. Founded by Sneha Kappanna, Bhramari’s trademark has been creating a mélange of color and composition with innovations in stagecraft, and the use of costumes and properties. “Tayeberu” literally means the mother root in Kannada. Folk arts are the mother root of all art forms. This piece is a salutation to the folk tradition of our state – Karnataka. Karnataka is home to a rich and astounding variety of folk forms.

International Performing Arts Festival (IPAF) envisions bringing together artists performing traditional art forms of different nations and providing them a platform to perform a fusion of different art forms globally to preserve our rich culture and heritage. IPAF also supports special artists (Divyaang) and young artists by providing them with a platform with maestros.

IPAF is an initiative by social entrepreneur Mr. Shyam Pandey that aims to unite societies and cultures with a fusion of arts globally. Speaking with the Director of IPAF, Mr. Shyam Pandey said we plan to organize festivals in Karnataka in a bigger way in the coming times.

IPAF encourages art forms and holistic traditions through performing arts across societies. We believe firmly that the future of traditional arts and promotion of such arts through performing arts could be very inviting and entertaining throughout the world. IPAF supports Vayu Yoga, Classical dances, Folk dances, differently abled artists, and upcoming artists to ensure that the tradition remains vibrant and is passed down to the youth IPAF promotes and supports rich culture & heritage and provides a global platform to artists. 

The program was successfully held with the support of the Department of Kannada and Culture, Coal India, and Canara Bank