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Coco Gauff Supports Using the NBA’s Male vs. Female Tennis Duel Model

<p>The winner of the US Open, Coco Gauff, said on Monday that tennis might take a cue from basketball and pit men against women in specialized matches, like the one between Serena Williams and Australian Nick Kyrgios in serve targets.</p>
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<p>Gauff was saying after Stephen Curry’s 29-26 victory against Sabrina Ionescu in a 3-point NBA-Women’s NBA Challenge on Saturday during NBA All-Star weekend. Curry made his last four shots from the right corner.</p>
<p>A historic matchup between two top guards, Golden State’s Stephen Curry (the NBA’s all-time 3-point basket leader) and New York Liberty’s Ionescu (the WNBA single-season 3-point record holder), took place in the first shootout of the sexes.</p>
<p>Unlike the WNBA three-point line, which is closer to the hoop, both players took their shots from the NBA three-point line.</p>
<p>Speaking to media while participating in the WTA event in Dubai, Gauff was asked what kind of skills test similar to the ones that were presented over the weekend would be appropriate for tennis.</p>
<p>The 19-year-old American said that she would like seeing Nick Kyrgios and Serena Williams go head-to-head in a serve targets match.</p>
<p>“There’s the dropshot one as well,” she said.</p>
<p>Carlos (Alcaraz) and Ons (Jabeur) would be a fun matchup against that. There can be a problem with consistency.</p>
<p>Gauff praised Ionescu’s attempts to counter Curry.</p>
<p>Gauff said, “I thought the Sabrina and Steph competition was great.”</p>
<p>“I believe that Sabrina was the favorite of most people. She accomplished amazing things, particularly when it came to shooting from the NBA line.</p>
<p>“Without a doubt, Steph is the best three-point shooter in history.”</p>
<p>Gauff said she hoped the shooting between men and women wasn’t an isolated incident.</p>
<p>“I hope they keep doing this,” the woman remarked.</p>
<p>It just humbles a great deal of males worldwide. That is absolutely great.</p>
<p>Particularly in basketball, physicality isn’t usually a factor in that kind of rivalry.</p>
<p>“I believe that’s what makes it so awesome.”</p>
<p>This week, Gauff is ranked third and will face Italian fortunate loser Elisabetta Cocciaretto on Tuesday to begin her campaign.</p>
<p>The American had just gotten off the Doha airport early.</p>
<p>She hopes to regain the form that took her to the Auckland championship at the beginning of the season and to the Australian Open semifinals, where she was defeated by eventual winner Aryna Sabalenka.</p>
<p>Regarding her performance in Qatar, Gauff said, “It was just a bad day at the office.”</p>
<p>“I refuse to allow it to dictate how the remainder of this week unfolds.”</p>
<p>On Monday, two former world No. 1 players secured their places in the Dubai second round.</p>
<p>Victoria Azarenka defeated Arantxa Rus with ease, 6-2, 6-4, while Karolina Pliskova defeated Chinese wildcard Zhang Shuai 6-3, 7-5, to increase her record to a perfect 9-0.</p>