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“Gluten free, sugar free” delicacies will be served to Rakul and Jackky during their wedding feast

<p>In addition to different cuisines, star couple Rakul Preet Singh and Jackky Bhagnani have planned their wedding to cater to guests’ health concerns by serving “gluten free, sugar free, and healthy treats.”</p>
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<p>The pair is scheduled to tie the knot in Goa on February 21. Sources claim that Rakul and Jackky made the choice to provide nutritious cuisine at their wedding since they are both huge fitness enthusiasts.</p>
<p>At his Bandra house, Jackky has a fully-stocked gymnasium that is a popular hangout for celebrities. Fitness enthusiast Rakul also runs a network of gyms.</p>
<p>One unique feature of their wedding celebration is a well-considered health area devoted to wellness promotion. As proponents of a healthy lifestyle, Rakul and Jackky included unique nutritious treats to the little wedding as a unique touch.</p>
<p>The couple plans an environmentally conscious wedding. Sources claim that the pair will postpone their honeymoon because of previous business obligations and would resume work as soon as they tie the knot.</p>