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Tamil Nadu Budget 2024: 1,000 locations in Coimbatore, Trichy, and Salem will have free WiFi hotspots

<p><strong>Chennai:</strong> The state’s budget for the fiscal year 2024–2025 was presented to the Assembly on Monday by Tamil Nadu Finance Minister Thangam Thenarassu. The budget presented a comprehensive plan that included a wide range of areas, including social welfare, education, infrastructure, and cultural preservation. Additionally, Minister Thenarassu said that 1,000 locations across all major corporations—including Coimbatore, Trichy, Salem, etc.—will provide free Wi-Fi hotspots.</p>
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<p>The state budget’s allocation of Rs 12,000 crore for this year’s second phase of the Chennai metro rail project was another noteworthy feature.<br />
The budget’s commitment of Rs 2,500 crore for the improvement of 4,457 km of urban roads was another highlight. The statement was centered on enhancing metropolitan regions’ transportation and connections.</p>
<p>In light of public health, the state finance minister said that Rs 946 crore has been set aside for improving North Chennai’s sewage and drinking water systems.</p>
<p>In addition, the Karnataka government intends to carry out the Pasumai Thamizhnadu Mission’s Urban Green Scheme.</p>
<p>Budget for Tamil Nadu 2024–2025: Emphasis Jobs<br />
The budget includes provisions for the construction of a new IT park in Coimbatore, with an investment of Rs 1,100 crore, in order to promote economic development and job creation. This also involves the Rs 120 crore construction of a SIPCOT industrial park in Thanjavur.</p>
<p>Budget for Tamil Nadu 2024–2025: Emphasis on Education<br />
Underscoring the need for a high-quality education for the state’s youth, the Karnataka government has authorized an allocation of Rs. 44.042 crore for the school education department.</p>
<p>The Thamzih Puthalvan plan seeks to encourage academic performance and reduce the cost of education for families. Students in grades six through twelve may apply for financial aid of Rs 1,000 via this program.</p>
<p>Tamil Nadu’s 2024–2025 Budget: Sports<br />
The budget proposes to build Olympic Academies in four cities around Tamil Nadu to support talent development and sports infrastructure in order to promote sports in the state.</p>
<p>The TN Artificial Intelligence Mission, to be headed by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, was introduced in the budget as a proactive step. This demonstrates the state’s dedication to using cutting-edge technology to advance society and the economy.<br />
The budget, as a whole, embodies Tamil Nadu’s objective for equitable and sustainable development, giving infrastructure improvement, healthcare, education, and industrial expansion top priority.</p>