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The sports competition at Chamba College starts

<p>The Government Post Graduate College, Chamba, held its 56th annual sports meet today, which lasted two days and was held at the police field in Bargaon. The principal of the institution, Dr. Vidyasagar Sharma, greeted Chief Guest Superintendent of Police (SP), Abhishek Yadav.</p>
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<p>The college’s year-round activities include a big emphasis on athletics, according to the principal, who also urged the students to do well in other extracurricular activities.</p>
<p>According to the SP, discipline and resilience are acquired via sports, and sports and education are equally vital. He went on to say that athletics are important for a person’s personal growth. He also sent his best wishes for success to the competitors who were athletes.</p>
<p>Amit Kumar took first place in the men’s 1,500-meter event on the first day of the tournament, followed by Pankaj Kumar in second place and Nar Singh in third. Salima took first place in the women’s 1,500-meter event, followed by Kiran in second place and Priya in third. Amit Kumar won gold, Pankaj Kumar took silver, and Manish Kumar took bronze in the 400-meter men’s event. Salima won gold, Bindiya took silver, and Chunna took bronze in the women’s division. Mohit won gold, Shubham took silver, and Daksh took bronze in the men’s 100-meter race. Sneha won gold, Radhika took silver, and Salima took bronze in the women’s 100-meter race. In other competitions, Monica won gold in the women’s shot put, Reena took second, and Himani took bronze. In the men’s shot put, Himanshu took first, Prashant took second, and Neeraj took third.</p>