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From the domestic match to the fifty-test, Sarfaraz’s lengthy wait is over

<p>Since he started playing cricket at the age of six, Sarfaraz Khan’s only goal has been to represent his father as an international player.</p>
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<p>Twenty years later, the Mumbaikar’s wish came true today when, in front of the third match against England, none other than former captain Anil Kumble gave him his Test cap, as his father Naushad sobbed in the stands.</p>
<p>After a mix-up with Ravindra Jadeja, he went out for a run at the non-striker’s end, but he still made a half-century to show his value.</p>
<p>But the 26-year-old was too thrilled to be complaining.”Getting the cap in front of my father and landing on the ground for the first time.” He began my cricket (training) when I was six years old. Playing for the Indian squad in front of him was my ambition,” Sarfaraz said.</p>
<p>Sarfaraz, the Test cap No. 311 for India, performed well, scoring 62 quickly.</p>
<p>Naushad felt overpowered. Arriving in the city on the eve of the game, he had not even intended to see his son in Rajkot.</p>
<p>Sarfaraz’s wife was by his father as the Khan family was overcome with excitement, embraces, and tears.</p>
<p>“My father’s desire was to play for India, but for many reasons—including a lack of support from home at the time—it was not able to come true. He put a lot of effort into me, and he’s now working hard on my brother. He said, “It was the proudest moment of my life.” “I was happy playing for India in front of my father; runs and performances were not as important to me,” he said.</p>