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OYO Enters the Sports Hospitality Sector and Selects 100 Hotels in 12 Important Cities

<p>OYO, a travel technology and hospitality company, stated on Thursday that it has entered the sports hospitality market and has shortlisted 100 hotels in 12 major cities, including Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore, to accommodate major sporting events. According to a statement from the firm, the goal of the sports hospitality industry is to provide end-to-end solutions that address the particular requirements of major sporting events. These solutions include lodging for players and sports officials taking part in different sporting events.</p>
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<p>It also said that a variety of lodging choices, from affordable to five-star hotels, would be provided under the vertical to guarantee participants’ and attendees’ pleasant and convenient stay during the event.</p>
<p>The establishment of our sports event management division is consistent with OYO’s dedication to ongoing innovation and client-focused services. OYO Head of Government and Sports Hospitality Business Pankaj Kumar said, “OYO plans to offer athletes a conducive and comfortable environment, ensuring they can fully concentrate on their training and competitions.” The company’s emphasis is on providing superior hospitality.</p>
<p>For the purpose of housing athletes and sports officials, the business claimed it has picked 100 hotels in various categories spread across 12 cities, including Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Lucknow, Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Bhopal. It also said that customized packages and group booking choices would be offered to meet the particular requirements of big groups and sports teams.</p>
<p>According to OYO, it will work with other organizations to provide a wide variety of food alternatives to accommodate spectators’ and athletes’ dietary needs as well as transportation-related services. In addition, control rooms will be established at every sporting event location to guarantee efficient coordination and round-the-clock emergency support. Before introducing the new effort, the business stated that it evaluated its skills in more than ten major sports competitions in 2023, including as the 36th National Games, the Khelo India Youth Games, and the Khelo India University Games.</p>
<p>According to the company, “as part of this initiative, OYO will also offer accommodation, catering, and transportation services for differently-abled sports people to create a more inclusive environment.” It also mentioned that it had partnered with the Sardar Patel National Divyang Cricket Tournament, the Para Kabaddi Impact Tournament, and the Khelo India Para Games recently, helping all of the participants.</p>