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Before her wedding, Rakul Preet Singh was seen at Jackky Bhagnani’s house; the video became viral

<p>After a protracted courtship, Rakul Preet Singh and Jackky Bhagnani will shortly tie the knot in Goa. The planning process is well underway. On Valentine’s Day, the actress was seen at Jackky’s residence today. She waved to photographers while wearing casual attire.</p>
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<p>Snehzala uploaded a video of her driving the automobile and waving at onlookers. The actress exuded happiness and beauty. Rakul and Jackie have recruited carbon footprint experts to make sure their big day is ecologically friendly, according to an article from the Free Press Journal. According to the article, these experts will assess how the wedding festivities would affect the environment and counsel the couple on the number of trees they should plant to reduce their carbon footprint. Not long after their vows are exchanged, the pair is eager to become involved in the tree-planting project.</p>
<p>The soon-to-be couple’s close friend had previously said, “Rakul and Jacky had originally planned for their wedding to take place in the Middle East.” After over six months of painstaking preparation, everything was almost ready. However, Rakul and Jackky changed their initial plans and moved the wedding to India when the Indian PM called on wealthy and powerful families to choose India as the location for their significant life events in December. Their choice, made in the middle of December, required a whole overhaul in terms of the location, relaxation, and lodging. Motivated by their love for the nation and desire to support its expanding economy, the pair accepted the reform despite its significant adjustments.</p>
<p>Their invitation card also gained popularity recently. It is a painting-style depiction of the main ritual and subsidiary festivities. The location has been painted, providing us with a preview of its appearance. The first invitation’s white and blue color scheme makes us think of Greece. In the second, a beach backdrop is used to put up the mandap. They use #AbDonoBhagnaNi as their hashtag.</p>