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On Valentine’s Day, this Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha film will be rereleased

<p>Tamil movies are now well-recognized for their outstanding storylines that hold audiences’ attention from beginning to end. In recent years, the Tamil film industry has created a number of content-driven tales that have attracted worldwide notice, thanks to the talents of its talented directors. Many tales might spring to mind if asked to name instances, but one that comes to mind is this one about an endearing love story with outstanding performances. 96, starring Trisha Krishnan and Vijay Sethupathi, is one such movie.</p>
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<p>Given that it was a more realistic picture than the larger-than-life stories that characterize Tamil cinema, there weren’t many expectations when the movie was released in 2018. However, it ended up being a big hit at the box office. The audience found 96, which tells the characters’ love journey from school to middle age, to be quite relatable. Additionally, the film was a big hit with Malayalam moviegoers, who have a penchant for content-driven movies and helped establish Vijay Sethupathi’s reputation in Kerala.</p>
<p>It goes without saying that 96 is a movie you should see again when honoring Valentine’s Day, the day of love. While it may be streamed on over-the-top platforms, nothing compares to seeing your beloved classic on a large screen once again. It seems that you will be able to do so on Valentine’s Day. According to Sreedhar Pillai, a film critic, 96 is getting a second theatrical release at Chennai’s Kamala Cinemas on Valentine’s Day. Sreedhar disclosed this information on his account X, which was originally Twitter.</p>
<p>The 2018 romantic drama’s narrative centers on two high school sweethearts who graduated in 1996—thus the name—and who reunite 22 years after their breakup. The C Premkumar-directed film was a huge success when it was released, and it won awards for the outstanding performances. There have been rumors of a 96 sequel floating about ever since the film’s premiere, but no formal declaration has been made.</p>