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Adam Gilchrist responds to the new bat sticker of MS Dhoni: It’s just a neighborhood shop

<p>Even though the IPL 2024 is still over a month away, the competition has already gained momentum because of none other than MS Dhoni. Similar to Dhoni, the captain of the Chennai Super Kings, for whom this season of the Indian Premier League seems to be his last, has begun practicing in the nets with his classic long locks. This is enough to throw the online community into a full breakdown. Dhoni, dressed in yellow, in full flow with his bat and pads. It’s what dreams are made of, at least for those in the ‘Yellove’ army.</p>
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<p>But for the first time, Dhoni’s bat garnered more media attention than the player. A photo of Dhoni working out while sporting a brand-new “Prime Sports” sticker went viral last week. It was an homage by the renowned Indian cricketer MS Dhoni to his boyhood buddy Paramjit Singh, who runs a sports firm of the same name. This fact is wonderfully and comprehensively recorded in the film.</p>
<p>As Dhoni’s cricket career draws to a close, he used the sticker as a touching farewell to Paramjit, who was instrumental in helping him along the way and helped get MSD’s first bat sponsor. It’s not really unexpected that Dhoni, who has a great heart, would do something so sweet as he participated in the World Cup in 2019 before making his farewell appearance for India.</p>
<p>However, Adam Gilchrist’s response to the whole event is a little unexpected. During the second Twenty20 International between Australia and the West Indies, the renowned Australian wicketkeeper was describing Prime Sports as “just a local store.” When Michael Hussey brought up the IPL 2024 launch, the conversation regarding Dhoni got underway.</p>
<p>IPL kicking off on March 22nd?<br />
“Have to go to India ten days prior to the competition commencing. March, maybe the eleventh, is when we are leaving. Anticipating it with excitement. Excellent competition, it’s true. top players from throughout the globe. The best Indian players are performing; it’s amazing. The noise produced by the masses is astounding. the environment under the surface. MS Dhoni is also back. I believe he’s already hitting balls in the nets,” he said.</p>
<p>Gilchrist then took over and brought up the subject of the bat stickers. “MS Dhoni, I watched him hitting several balls in the nets. His bat has a fresh bat sticker on it. Just a friend of his from school’s local sports shop. Just to increase sales, whack the firm name on your bat,” he said.</p>
<p>This signifies the completion of a circle in a sense. Dhoni had said at the beginning of his career that he had modeled his batting after the devastating Gilchrist, the great Australian being one of his inspirations. Gilchrist’s remarks on Dhoni’s excellence serve as the ideal coda to the tale, given that one player has been retired for a long time and the other is almost ready to ride into the sunset.</p>