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Why Did Google Select Gemini to Be the AI Chatbot’s Manufacturer? What Sundar Pichai Said Is Below

<p>Google often renames items and sometimes even discontinues them. Google recently revealed a significant AI update for its newest product, which piqued everyone’s interest in the rebranding and its rationale.</p>
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<p>We are referring about the Bard, which has been relaunched as Gemini and will be accessible on mobile and high-end computer systems. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, has given an explanation of the name change and why he thinks it makes sense.</p>
<p>In a recent interview, Pichai said that the business believed Gemini was the most appropriate moniker to use for their approach to artificial intelligence (AI), since they want to develop a safe and competent AI model. In a CNBC interview, Pichai was cited as stating, “It really made sense to just evolve it to be Gemini because you are talking directly to the underlying Gemini model when you use it.”</p>
<p>Additionally, he said that Google intends to continue developing its AI models under the Gemini brand, which consumers would be able to interact with directly. Google has opted to provide a subscription version of its AI model dubbed Gemini Advanced and has merged AI elements into Google One with its new plan, which comes for $19.9 (about Rs 1600) per month, even though the business is only getting started in the AI space.</p>
<p>Now, just because Google’s CEO said that Gemini would be the moniker for the AI models of the future, doesn’t imply the corporation will follow through on its commitment, and we attribute this to Google’s history of breaking promises. According to the corporation, Stadia, its online gaming platform, is not going away.</p>
<p>It comes out that in order to prevent a significant response from the media, the service was ended by quietly alerting its clients to the news. Due to Google’s heavy investment in AI, hundreds of employees have lost their employment as the business attempts to control costs and realign its growth areas.</p>