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Zeenat Aman hails her first year on Instagram as a “transformative year” as she celebrates the milestone

<p>Zeenat Aman, an established actress, uses social media extensively. Her admirers are always thrilled when she posts a ton of vintage photos of herself. The actress, however, commemorated the one anniversary of her Instagram debut today. Zeenat Aman posted a lengthy letter and many pictures.</p>
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<p>The actress posted on her Instagram page, stating that people often assume that life-changing events are only experienced by the young. My background suggests differently. My kids convinced me to share my first Instagram photo 365 days ago. That little leap of confidence made me face my deepest fears about technology and my much stronger desire for privacy. Then it gave me a year that changed my life. It opened my eyes to the possibility of being authentic in public. Just the kids and I winging it—no managers, agents, or paid followers! And such little ones, too. I can easily explore Instagram and stay up to date on the newest terminology thanks to my informal small group of millennials.</p>
<p>Fans responded and complimented her as soon as she posted the pictures. “I stayed at home to raise my kids, and when my younger one went to university, so did I,” a fan remarked. After working as a freelance journalist for a few years, I made the decision to attend graduate school in journalism—those were my life-changing years! After graduating, I was hired by a daily newspaper. Could not have been happier! Recognize that #transformation has no age restrictions. “U hv earned genuine followers and each red heart is true affection sent your way,” commented another commenter.</p>
<p>Bun Tikki, the first film directed by Manish Malhotra, stars Zeenat Aman. She and Shabana Azmi will be seen sharing screen time. Prior to this, Zeenat and Shabana shared screen time in Ashanti (1982) and Ishk Ishk Ishk (1974). Abhay Deol also starred in Bun Tikki. Manish posted information about the project along with a photo of these three actors on Instagram.</p>