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Bengaluru Open 2024: French Rivals Are Drawn for First Round by Sumit Nagal and Ramkumar Ramanathan

<p>At the Bengaluru Open in 2024, the best tennis players from India will compete against French players in the singles main draw first round. Second seed Sumit Nagal will play Geoffrey Blancaneaux, while Ramkumar Ramanathan will play Maxime Janvier.</p>
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<p>The Karnataka State Lawn Tennis Association (KSLTA) is hosting the esteemed competition at KSLTA Stadium. The final is set for February 18; the qualifying rounds start today.</p>
<p>Nagal has already defeated Blancaneaux three times, thus the opponent is not new to him. Nagal, who is rated 121, is expected to continue his domination over the French player after defeating him in the Australian Open Qualifiers.</p>
<p>With a 1-1 record against Janiver, Ramkumar will probably face top-seeded Italian Luca Nardi if he makes it beyond the first round. In his first round, Nardi is paired with a qualifier.</p>
<p>The presence of Indians in the main draw never fails to excite. Local players benefit from hosting international tournaments in the nation since they get to compete with well-known players worldwide. Fans can anticipate a week full of thrilling and high-stakes action at the KSLTA Stadium thanks to the participation of players like former World No. 25 Vasek Pospsil, Sumit Nagal, and Luca Nardi. “There will be fierce competition in this tournament,” event Director Sunil Yajaman remarked.</p>
<p>Starting his career against Indian wild card entrant Prajwal Dev, Australian Adam Walton is ranked third.</p>
<p>The top-seeded Frenchman Dan Added and Korean player Yun Seong Chung will square off against Australians Adam Walton and Tristan Schoolkate in the doubles main tournament.</p>
<p>The second-seeded players, Piotr Matuszewski of Poland and Christopher Matthew Romios of Australia, will face Taipei’s Ray Ho and Australia’s Calum Puttergill.</p>
<p>The main draw for doubles has nine Indian players. N Sriram Balaji together with Andre Begemann, his German companion. They will face off against the German duo of Jakob Schnaitter and Mark Wallner.</p>