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What You Need To Know About WhatsApp Chat Lock: Meta App Will Eventually Sync Locked Chats Across Linked Devices

<p>Popular instant messaging service WhatsApp often makes headlines for experimenting with new features. The business is now working on a conversation lock feature that will work across all connected devices in the most recent Android beta channel release. Based to WABetaInfo, the feature that was seen under development in Android beta ‘’ is probably going to be made available to consumers in a future update via the Google Play Store.</p>
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<p>As to the report, the functionality is still “under development” and is not yet available for testers. It will enable the conversation lock to function on devices running other WhatsApp platforms in addition to smartphones. In addition to cross-device synchronization, the WhatsApp tracker recently monitored a change regarding the conversation lock function on the web.</p>
<p>The screen capture from the study indicates that when a person locks a chat on their main phone, the modifications are carried over to other devices, enhancing the privacy of such chats on the instant messaging program. “On your connected device, we have also locked this conversation. The dialogue window on the Android app said, “Use your secret code to open.”</p>
<p>The synchronization of the function will make it possible to lock conversations and keep them secret from prying eyes, regardless of the device that is being used. For further protection, WABetaInfo said that a secret could be needed to access the conversation list in the private folder on a connected device. Users will be able to monitor the progress of their discussions across devices as the service secures conversations across several platforms.</p>
<p>Speaking about improvements outside the beta protocol, the business has revealed the capability to ban users without having to access their messages from the lock screen. “You can now manage who contacts you more easily than before. WhatsApp said that you may block spam straight from your chat list or lock screen without having to view the message. After selecting the ‘Block’ option from a WhatsApp notification, the user will be prompted to ‘Block’ the contact (as well as the report) in order to validate their selection.</p>