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NFL Game to Be Held at Santiago Bernabeu of Real Madrid in 2025

<p>As the NFL continues to expand into international markets, officials announced on Friday that the league will play its first-ever regular season game in Spain during the 2025 season. The game will take place at Real Madrid’s recently renovated Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.</p>
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<p>The NFL revealed that the Bernabeu would host a Spanish match in the next season, just days after revealing that it will stage a game in Brazil.</p>
<p>NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated in a statement that “playing a game in Madrid in 2025 highlights the continued expansion of the league’s global footprint and the accelerated ambitions to take our game to more fans around the world.”</p>
<p>Along with the City of Madrid and Comunidad de Madrid, he said, “We are proud to partner with Real Madrid C.F., a global brand, to bring a spectacular regular season game to Spain at the world-class Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.”</p>
<p>Throughout the league’s existence, fifty NFL regular season games have been held abroad; Toronto, London, Munich, Frankfurt, Mexico City, and Mexico City have all hosted games.</p>
<p>The first NFL game in South America will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2024 at the Corinthians Arena, home of the Brazilian football club Corinthians.</p>
<p>The famous Bernabeu features a retractable roof as a result of extensive renovations.</p>
<p>Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid, praised the decision as a victory for the NFL and his team.</p>
<p>“A significant moment in sports history is the National Football League’s entrance at the Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid and a prestigious NFL team are forming a strategic collaboration that will benefit both of our brands internationally. Millions of people on every globe will warmly embrace it, and it is a pleasure to travel this path together.</p>
<p>The news was made in advance of the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl match on Sunday in Las Vegas.</p>
<p>There are over 13 million NFL fans in Spain, according to NFL executives, and the 2025 decision was impacted by the “fan passion” in the nation.</p>
<p>Executive Vice President of NFL International Peter O’Reilly said, “We’re committed to Spain for the long term.” “You have the fan base and you know there is a pent-up demand because there are 13 million NFL fans in Spain.”</p>
<p>O’Reilly stated that the NFL was considering playing international games in France and other new areas, but he added that there was “nothing imminent” about expanding the sport to Asia and Australia.</p>
<p>The decision by NFL teams to raise the number of foreign games from four to eight each season starting in 2025 led to the growth of abroad games.</p>
<p>O’Reilly said that the NFL’s preferred approach was international games, as opposed to the much-discussed idea of establishing a franchise permanently abroad.</p>
<p>Regarding an international franchise, O’Reilly said, “That is something that is certainly not imminent.” “The league’s thirty-two-club format is functioning well. Right now, we are concentrating on the lessons that may be drawn from the growing number of international games held annually.</p>
<p>“We are currently focusing on expanding our game inventory and creating the opportunity to bring our game to more fans, rather than necessarily expanding our team, though I’m sure there are interested markets around the world.”</p>