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Actress Shraddha Das Sets Big Fitness Objectives by Practicing Aerial Yoga

<p>Shraddha Das is well-known for her roles in Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu movies. Her Instagram name makes it clear that she is a fitness fanatic in addition to her exceptional acting abilities and sense of style. The actress just posted a few pictures from her exercise that are getting quite popular.</p>
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<p>Shraddha Das can be seen in the photos sporting a nude sports bra along with a black short tight set and a sleeveless white t-shirt. She finished off her training attire by tying her hair up in a high-rise ponytail.</p>
<p>She may be seen doing aerial yoga in the photos. She can be seen doing a standard namaskar in the first photo, standing on one leg and folding the other. In the subsequent one, she can be seen doing the namaskar in an aerial style by inverting her body. The actress shared the pictures with a humorous message that said, “Namaste both ways.”</p>
<p>That being said, this isn’t the first time Shraddha has revealed snippets of her workouts. She posted a video of herself working out at the gym last year. She can be seen in the video sporting green joggers and a black sports bra. She wore her hair in a half bun and wore just a tinted lip balm and kajal. She finished off her appearance with black shoes. In the video, she can be seen working out her biceps, planks, pushups, and pilates, among other exercises. Watch the following video:</p>
<p>In 2008, Shraddha debuted as an actor in the Telugu film Siddu from Srikakulam. She hasn’t turned around since. She most recently starred in the romance thriller Nireekshana in Telugu. Vamsi Krishna Malla, Sai Ronak, Ena Saha, and Ramesh Choudary were among the cast members.</p>