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Mona Singh Discloses Her Former Monthly Salary of Rs 1.5 Lakh for Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahi: “I Could Not Stop Crying.”

<p>Among the most gifted actresses in the business is Mona Singh. Following the success of her well-liked television program, Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahi, she rose to fame. The actress recently spoke about how she felt when she learned how much she would be paid for the program.</p>
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<p>“For me, it was a shocker because they had not hired me on a per-day basis, they were keeping me on a package basis,” Mona stated in an interview with Entertainment Live. They made me a monthly offer of Rs 1.5 lakhs. I said, “Kya!”</p>
<p>“I went to the STD booth since my phone ran out of battery,” she said. While I contacted my parents, I couldn’t stop weeping. I said to my mother, “You know what? Merko rahe hain Rs 1.5 lakh mil. My mother exclaimed, “What?” “Go shopping wherever you want to and buy whatever you want to,” I said to her. “Chotuuuu, itna kamayegi,” she said, unable to believe what she was seeing.</p>
<p>“I received a call informing me that Sunil Lulla, the channel chief, wanted to meet with you at his office after the program was launched and things were moving well. I believed that I was being let go. There are moments when you fail to see your own value, and even I was unaware of my rising star status. When I finally met with him, he said, “We believe we are not paying you enough.” Two lakh and a half are bada rahe hain. I thought, “What?” I was thus receiving Rs 3.5 lakh a month. They signed me for exclusivity when Jassi ended,” she said.</p>
<p>“I felt like Spider-Man, ghar mein kuch aur, bahar kuch aur,” Mona said. On the streets, I was unrecognizable to most people. However, my voice gave it away. Whenever I spoke in public, whether it was in a store or the airport, people would stare at me askance. That felt incredible. “Is she Jassi?” would be asked even if I smiled. Because it was a difficult program and the media had pushed the channel to find out who Jassi was, they used to look after me.</p>
<p>When Mona most recently starred in Made in Heaven 2, she once again dazzled the crowd. Hers was one of the season’s biggest breakout performances.</p>