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After six months of dating, Shin Seong and Park So Young announce their separation

<p>Korean singers Shin Seong and Park So Young have heartbreakingly announced their decision to split after around six months of dating. This information was revealed while talking about the many difficulties that their relationship has faced throughout time in the Groom Studies episode that aired on February 7. The public first praised them as a power couple, but when their personal problems started to eclipse their love, their journey together took a turbulent turn. Park So Young said that their relationship suffered as a result of being in the spotlight. She said, “I was happy at first, but as time went on, it became a burden.”</p>
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<p>She also acknowledged in the show that as she got closer to the age she had planned to be married, time began to cause her to feel a nagging sense of unease. I was becoming older every day compared to when I had assumed I would get married, and this worried me. She said, “I think this puts even more pressure on oppa,” as Koreaboo reported.</p>
<p>This mounting anxiety was a burden for her personally as well as a cloud over her lover Shin Seong.</p>
<p>In a same vein, Shin Seong acknowledged that as their connection developed, he struggled with his own uncertainties. He began to doubt his preparedness for marriage due to the threat of aging and unstable finances. As time passed, my suspicions grew. Since I’m older, I’ve learned to be more careful. I want to be able to provide for my wife in every way since I have always been poor and have battled for a very long time. I’m still concerned that I’m not ready for marriage because of this,” he said.</p>
<p>It was not an easy choice to break up. Following many conversations and the sharing of their own experiences, Shin Seong and Park So Young finally acknowledged the need to put their own personal development and well-being first.</p>
<p>Shin Seong summed up their shared desire for a future characterized by self-discovery and satisfaction with the words, “Let’s go back to who we were before we met, and each become happier,” according to the site.</p>
<p>Both vocalists express appreciation for their time together and the lessons they acquired while navigating the consequences of their separation. Even though their love journey may have come to an end, Shin Seong and Park So Young are still full of hope for what lies ahead in terms of their future—both emotionally and professionally.</p>