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In the Test match between India and England, English captain Ben Stokes became Ravichandran Ashwin’s greatest victim

<p>At Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad, during the second innings of the first Test match, veteran Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin defeated England captain Ben Stokes once more. After Ashwin defeated Stokes for the 12th time in Test cricket—more than the recently retiring Australian opener David Warner—he became Ashwin’s most frequent victim.</p>
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<p>When Ashwin hit a somewhat full ball on the fifth delivery of the 37th over, Stokes went forward to defend it, but he was thoroughly outclassed and stumped for only six. England lost their first-inning advantage of 190 runs as a result of the wicket.</p>
<p>Stokes became Ashwin’s 12th victim, registering his name at the top of an undesirable list.</p>
<p>In Tests, Ashwin dismissed batters the most times.</p>
<p>Ben Stokes, 12</p>
<p>11 David Warner</p>
<p>9 Alastair Cook</p>
<p>8 Kraigg Brathwaite, Steve Smith, and Tom Latham</p>
<p>Compared to Ashwin, who is rapidly approaching 500 Test wickets, Stokes, one of England’s finest match-winners in all formats, has a very poor record.</p>
<p>In Tests, Stokes vs. Ashwin</p>
<p>twenty-five innings</p>
<p>232 innings</p>
<p>12 ejections</p>
<p>Average 19.33</p>
<p>SR 37.23</p>
<p>In the meanwhile, Ashwin rose to the top of the list of Indian bowlers who have most often dismissed a batsman in Test matches.</p>
<p>In Tests, Indian bowlers tend to dismiss batters more often.</p>
<p>12 Mudassar Nazar – Kapil Dev</p>
<p>12 B Stokes – R Ashwin *</p>
<p>11 Cook Ishant Sharma</p>
<p>11 G Gooch – Kapil Dev</p>
<p>11 D Warner – R Ashwin</p>
<p>Earlier, when play started in the morning, India’s first innings did not last long, finishing in 54 minutes.</p>
<p>Jadeja lost leg before Joe Root and failed to get the much anticipated fourth Test hundred.</p>
<p>When Jadeja moved to the front foot to stop an off-stump length delivery, the ball turned quite a little before hitting his pads. Umpire Chris Gaffaney chose to examine the call, and he raised his finger.</p>
<p>Although there seemed to be a bat deflection, the replays were unable to provide a clear picture, therefore the third umpire decided to follow the on-field umpire’s judgment.</p>
<p>As India lost the last three wickets without scoring any runs, Root trapped Jasprit Bumrah in the very next delivery, and Rehan Ahmed thoroughly cleaned up Axar.</p>