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As the music industry mourns the loss of Bhavatharini, Ilaiyaraaja’s daughter, celebrities pay tribute to her

<p>In a tragic turn of events, Bhavatharini, the daughter of renowned music director Ilaiyaraaja, passed away too soon. The music business is in grief. While receiving treatment in Sri Lanka, the 47-year-old National Award-winning playback vocalist and composer passed away from liver cancer. According to reports, Bhavatharini sought Ayurvedic therapy in Sri Lanka after being ill for the previous five months.</p>
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<p>Ilaiyaraaja is anticipated to bring Bhavatharini’s mortal remains back to Chennai. It is said that he was in Sri Lanka attending music events at the time of his daughter’s death. Celebrities from Tamil film have expressed their sympathies to the music maestro and his family, who are going through a difficult time.</p>
<p>Prominent people have expressed their sorrow at Bhavatharini’s loss on social media, including Sarath Kumar, Simran, Silambarasan, and Kamal Haasan. On social media, Kamal Haasan expressed his sympathies and said, “My heart hurts. I’ll be there to hold his hand throughout. The loss of Bhavatharini cannot be condoned or accepted. My brother Ilaiyaraaja has to be strong in the face of this enormous tragedy.”</p>
<p>“It is an irreparable loss to the music industry,” actor R Sarath Kumar said. Let us offer our prayers to God for her soul’s peace.” When Bhavatharini sang a song from his movie Maanaadu, Silambarasan shared a video of it and said, “The voice that eternally stays in people’s hearts for its purity and love! Too quickly gone!”</p>
<p>In addition to her personal accomplishments, Bhavatharini’s influence on the music industry is apparent due to the memories that she and her brother, Yuvan Shankar Raja, shared. In a widely shared video, Yuvan recalls with passion how Bhavatharini taught him the fundamentals of the piano and opened his eyes to the world of music. He said, “I never learnt music, therefore I didn’t know anything about it back then. My first piano lessons were from my sister. She helped me by urging me to play and putting my hand on the instrument.”</p>
<p>On January 26, Bhavatharini’s corpse is anticipated to be returned to Chennai, where the last ceremonies will take place. The musician is survived by her spouse, R Sabariraj, and the music community comes together to send the bereaved family their sympathies and prayers.</p>
<p>The music industry is still grieving over Bhavatharini’s passing, and her contributions will live on in the tunes she gave to it. Bhavatharini’s kindness and brilliance will live on in the hearts of people who loved her work, even as the music industry comes together in mourning.</p>