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Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande argue about Ankita’s captaincy

<p>There is a problem between Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande, a real-life couple, and competitors on Bigg Boss 17. The producers have released a new teaser on Instagram that suggests that Ankita’s captaincy may be the source of problems in paradise once again. We saw Vicky requesting that Isha Malviya choose his wife as the new captain of the house in the most recent episode.</p>
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<p>But in the video, Ankita said that he was envious of her leadership. It all began when Vicky aggressively replied to Ankita after the Pavitra Rishta actress ordered him to wrap up his tasks. Ankita says, “Aap [Vicky Jain] aur Abhishek [Kumar] garden (kardijiye)” at the start of the video. [Abhishek Kumar and you have to tidy the garden area]. Vicky Jain replies, “Jab rahega hum karlenge,” to Ankita. When it comes to it, we will do it. Ankita didn’t take these remarks well and said, “Captain ki izzat kijiye aap [You must respect the captain].” “Captain ki izzat captain ke bartav par hogi,” responds Vicky. [In accordance with the captain’s actions, we shall respect the captain].</p>
<p>Ankita Lokhande became quite irritated about this, and their argument quickly devolved into a verbal brawl. Ankita accused Vicky Jain of being envious of her leadership as the video came to a close. “Yahi hai teri asliyat,” she responds. This is your reality, Jal kukda. Envious]. “Kya Ankita ko captain bante huye dekh kar ho rahi hai Vicky ko thodi si jealousy?” was written in the message that was attached to the video.</p>
<p>It seems that the two couples residing in the Bigg Boss house are not getting along well. We say this because Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain were not the only people engaged in a verbal altercation. A nasty fight also broke out between Isha Malviya, the ex-captain, and her lover Samarth Jurel. The two are shown arguing in another Instagram teaser that the creators posted after Isha accused Samarth of poking her ex-boyfriend and roommate Abhishek Kumar. “Isha ne kiya Chintu ke saath Abhishek ke liye jhagda,” said the letter that was attached to the video.</p>
<p>For the record, Isha Malviya was alluding to the recent altercation between Abhishek Kumar and Samarth Jurel, in which Abhishek punched Samarth. It transpired after Samarth’s placing of a tissue in Abhishek’s mouth during their argument with Isha. Abhishek gave Samarth a smack in return. Since engaging in a physical altercation on the program is seen to be a violation of a significant house rule, Bigg Boss hasn’t made any decisions on this incident so far. Salman Khan, the presenter of the program, is anticipated to chastise Abhishek Kumar on the next Weekend Ka Vaar.</p>